The advantage 楼花精英优先俱乐部

Nu Stream Realty has been recognized as the fastest growing brokerage in the Greater Vancouver Area. As a direct result, the awareness of our position has reached out into our marketplace and has garnered the interest from larger groups seeking strategic alliances with our Brokerage. What does this mean for our agents and their buyers/investors? Our members have the ability to bring special incentives for select Real Estate Projects, which may include

  • First access into developments
  • Better buyer incentives
  • Valuable offerings for clients


由于过往顶尖优越的代理业绩,我有幸成为各大发展商提供给我们公司(Nu Stream Realty - 大温地区发展最快的地产公司) 极其有限的楼花精英优先计划成员,所有热门楼花在给公众买家选择之前,就是在所有单位100%可供选择时,我的客户就可以到建商处选择预订。 所有热门发展项目,我都具备此独特优势。