KISS Principle for Home Renovations

Are you a busy two-income family? Does the thought of a home renovation terrify you because some days you feel too busy to even cook dinner? Well rest assured, your not alone. Many families don’t have the time, skills or the ability to fix up their homes and therefore are seeking a professional contractor to get the job done for them.

By having the necessary resources, research and documents you can confidentially simplify your home renovation process since you’ll have the confidence from the beginning.

The KISS principal is an acronym for “Keep it simple, stupid” and it states that most systems works best if they are kept simple rather than complex. Here’s some tactics for applying this principle to your next renovation.

1. Checklists. If your contractor has provided a checklist before the project estimation then they are taking the time to understand your overall goals of the renovation. If one is not provided, then evaluate whether they have taken the time to understand why you are doing the renovation.
2. Face time. Many people are starting to get too comfortable with emailing back and forth and as a result it becomes frustrating for one or both of the parties. Make sure to schedule some face time, you will be surprised how much back and fourth time it saves you in the future.
3. Document sharing. I love sharing because it opens up communication- nothing beats being able to access live documents 24/7. Some great examples of tools I like to use is: Drop Box, Flicker, Google Docs and ical.
4. An established contract. Have a contract in place that covers every part of the project to avoid uncertainties; everyone, should know their role in making the renovation successful.
5. Response time. From the beginning you should expect emails and phone calls being responded to within 24-48 hours.

A reputable contractor will have a systemized process to solve any complex issues that could arise during a renovation because they are experienced. Since systems are in place and workmanship is guaranteed you will feel the process to be enjoyable and even better…simple!

--written by and posted with permission of Shannon Lorenz--

Shannon Lorenz is a founding partner in Lorenz Developments Ltd. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from UVic and is currently studying Real Estate Property Valuation at UBC. She is passionate about the construction industry, community involvement and delivering quality project management.