Get Rid of Your Home Renovation Fears

In planning a major renovation it’s important to educate yourself on the construction process as best as you can to feel confident about having a successful project. To begin, take the time to plan your specific desires, know your budget and write a list of questions for building professionals you will be meeting throughout the interviewing process.

While you are seeking the services of an architect or designer to obtain plans, look for a professional contractor early in the process as they can provide insight on overall project cost, potential areas of savings and building methods that may be well suited for your project.

We highly recommend reading some of these websites for tackling your fears and approaching your renovation with confidence.

1. Canadian Home Builders Association has an abundance of resources for homeowners. We suggest taking the time to write down your renovation wish list and writing a Plan B in case you don’t have the budget to do everything. The CHBA website provides valuable tips such as how to develop your wish list, a renovation goals worksheet and how to set your priorities. Reading articles such as these will allow you to quickly discover what your renovation goals are for daily living.
2. RenoGuide British Columbia is a must read, its part of RenoMark and it includes a 5 step checklist to a worry free renovation or addition. The RenoGuide allows you to approach your renovation with confidence, reduces your risk and maximizes your pleasure throughout the project.
3. Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association offers some great insight on how to break down your renovation priorities (1. Urgent 2. Discretionary 3. Wish List). As a homeowner, this allows you to be honest on what you can afford and what can wait.

Preparing to renovate might seem to be a daunting task, however by gathering the proper information upfront you can be assured to have a smooth and successful renovation.

--written by and posted with permission of Shannon Lorenz--

Shannon Lorenz is a founding partner in Lorenz Developments Ltd. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from UVic and is currently studying Real Estate Property Valuation at UBC. She is passionate about the construction industry, community involvement and delivering quality project management.